Investment as secure as gold – only way more fun

It’s important to us to not have any institutional investors on board, but rather solely people, who dive and sail with us. We are happy about every diver, who wants to invest in our sustainable and environmentally friendly business project. This will contribute significantly to the fast growth of our idea. Just like for many other cases, we want to opt for a new course here as well. Therefore we offer you, what gives you most joy: diving! – Instead of profit-dependent yields.

The investment forms we present to you here are characterized by low risk and high profitability. Instead of a profit distribution for your investment, you will be closely involved in the search and exploration of hitherto undiscovered shipwrecks within the Marine Conservation Project! So you don’t have to worry about whether the price of your shares or the dividend is what you expect, just worry about your inert gas saturation. Guaranteed!

We want you to feel comfortable not only under water or on board, but also when it comes to your investment. You maintain your investment and profit from our returns as long as you want to. However, you can also quit any time you like and withdraw your investment.

For more details, see FAQs for Investors, or simply check the box in the registration form for Founder Membership. We will get in touch with you!

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