Basic Information

The 2HE-2 is an optimally constructed sailing catamaran, designed for the purpose as mobile diving platform for worldwide operation. It has a total length of 24 m and a width of 11.5 m and sails under Austrian flag. The 2HE-2 is constructed to be especially robust during work and research on the high seas. She has long, slim hulls and excellent sailing characteristics, even and especially when sailing close hauled. This allows the emission-free operation in the first place. She has a comparatively small and low deck house with watertight doors and several watertight compartments (bulkheads). Her daggerboards and rudder blades are retractable, allowing her to be fully beached (can stand on the sand at low water). The hull’s material is a particularly strong, robust and 100% recyclable aluminum alloy. A profiled carbon fiber mast is -among others – a major contribution to a satisfying sailing performance when heading into the wind. This is the first step for the avoidance of fossil fuel.

Seats as well as worktables for preparing the diving equipment are located in the cockpit. Diving platforms and ladders accessible with fins can be found at the rear ends. The decompression chamber and the diver treatment center are housed within the port side hull. Stationary and mobile diving equipment, the sonar, the diving robot and the moonpool can be found in the starboard hull. The crew bunks are located at the front sections of the hulls. The 2HE-2 is designed for an optimal support of up to 27 tec-divers (low risk spots). It is only natural that the capacity for diving expeditions with lower demand on assistance from the surface is substantially higher. With regard to the filling capacity of the compressors and the number of diving equipments, a total number of 30 divers can be supported without any further problems.

The project costs of the operational 2HE-2 are estimated to be 2.9 million Euros.