Diving Chamber

Diving chamber and hyperbaric treatment center

A Medistar-unit in combination with a Medilock-unit from the renowned German pressure chamber producer HAUX, forms the heart of the hyperbaric treatment center on board the 2HE-2. This 2-chamber system allows the treatment of decompression sickness in the pressure chamber (Medistar) and the entering or exiting of the treating physician via the connected airlock (Medilock).

Medistar & Medilock

Both units are connected to a NATO-Bayonet lock and separately transportable if necessary. The Medistar is equipped with a medical lock for supply with medication, beverages, etc. Both modules are certified to work at a pressure of 5 bar (6 bar absolute) corresponding to an equivalent depth of 50 msw. The oxygen supply is realized through a closed circuit system, similar to the one of a rebreather. It therefore allows longer treatment times with the available amount of oxygen, in comparison to an open system.

Examination- and treatment room

An examination- and treatment room is connected to the pressure chamber and provided with extensive medical equipment (patient monitoring, ECG, EEG, ultrasonography). This enables the diving physician to offer excellent treatment options should a diving accident occur.

The Medistar / Medilock are the best choice of many armed forces* and for companies operating in commercial saturation diving. This is now available exclusively also for technical divers on-board the 2HE-2.


* German Navy, Greek Navy, Turkish Navy, Special Forces UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt Navy, Portuguese Navy, Netherlands Navy, Belgium Army, Danish Navy, Finish Navy, Thai Navy, Indonesian Navy, Malaysian Navy, Korean Navy, Brasilia Navy, Lithuanian Navy etc.